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Enjoy the photos and videos from the MyChina Village Virtual Chinese Immersion Camp 2009.

During the first week, students were excited to meet new people and learn new things. Participants played games and became familiar with people and places. Soochow students introduced to the City of Suzhou.
Open House: It's show time! Participants welcomed guests at Open House on every Friday. Open House showcased participants learning during the camp.
Language Tasks: Everyone's favorite! Each learner set their own goals with CanDo statements and performed language tasks with their assigned facilitator to meet the goals.
Visitors: Expand horizons with experts! In these photos, Wainbrave Bernal gives a tour of the Center for Learning in Virtual Environments island and Nathan Babcock demonstrates his object creation skills.
Group Projects: Group work again? Participants completed three group projects. In the photos, participants are making videos about their camp experience and discussing their post-camp activity plans.
Farewell: A lot of new friends and good memories! The camp was a huge success upon its completion. We will not forget the time we spent a summer together.
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