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Find a partner and practice Chinese with language tasks. Each task guides you to go to a specific location at MyChina Village or other Second Life place. Enjoy!

1Engage in simple conversation using phrases and complete sentences on most topics about everyday life
Catching up with a Friend[learner | partner]
Quest 114

You are at Long Won Chinese Takeaway picking up some dinner when you run into an old friend who you haven't seen in a while. Briefly catch your friend up on what is going on in your life. Use complete sentences to describe different aspects of your life such as school, relationships, work, family, etc.

你在满珍楼外卖处买晚餐的时候碰到了一位多年不见的老朋友,所以老朋友间的叙旧开始了。 满珍楼外卖处

Passing a Friend from the Dorms[learner | partner]
Quest 134

Start Here You are in your dorm building when you see another person who lives in the dorms with you. Engage in a simple, short conversation with this person about how he/she is doing and what is new in his/her life.

Start Here 你在你宿舍的走廊上看到另一个和你一起住在宿舍的同学。他向你打了招呼并问你有没有什么新鲜事。

2Express reactions and emotions
Loud Roommate Problem[learner | partner]
Quest 102

Teleport to outside of your partner's dorm room. 11 p.m. on a Thursday. You had a long day at school and are very tired. You get into bed, but you can't fall asleep because your next door neighbor is playing her music very loudly. You try to ignore it, but the music keeps getting louder. Your neighbor does this quite often, and you are getting frustrated with her. Finally, you decide to ask your neighbor to turn down the music so that you can sleep. Go to your neighbor's room and ask her to turn down the music. Explain to your neighbor how you feel about her keeping you up all the time. See if you and your neighbor can come to an agreement on when it is OK to play loud music.

传送到你宿舍的房间 现在是星期四晚十一点,是你朋友的生日。你正在宿舍里帮你的朋友办一个惊喜派对。 正当生日派对进行得很顺利的时候,你的邻居来敲门并希望你能小声一点。 你的邻居比你早睡好几个小时所以老是抱怨你的音乐声太大。 跟你的邻居解释你对他老是来叫你把声音关小声一点的感受。

A Missed Appointment[learner | partner]
Quest 117

Begin in your dorm room. This morning at 10 you are supposed to meet with a tutor at the lounge in MyChina Village (MyChina Village 58/149/29) to work on your Chinese fluency. You accidentally slept in and didn't wake up until 10 a.m. Go as quickly as you can to the lounge. Appologize to your tutor. Try to express your remorse for being late.

Start Here. 今天早上10点是你指导一位学生中文的时间。 现在已经是10点了可还没有那位学生的影子,他迟到了。 当他来后,让他宣泄你对他迟到的不满。

3Exchange information about academic topics familiar to me
Virtual Africa Balloon Trip[learner | partner]
Quest 104

Teleport with your partner to Virtual Africa and go on a virtual hot air balloon tour. While you are on your tour, describe what you see below. Talk with your partner about information you already know about Africa, and ask your partner what they know. How is Africa different from your country? If you could take a real trip to Africa, where would you go? What would you do?

与你的伙伴一起传送到 Virtual Africa 并开始你们的虚拟热气球旅行。 在旅行途中,和你的伙伴一起讨论下面要看到的事物。 分享你对非洲的认识和了解,并询问你的伙伴对非洲的看法。

What I Know about Computers[learner | partner]
Quest 133

You are in the MyChina Village library. You see the laptops on the table and start talking with your partner about computers. Exchange information with your partner about the kinds of computer programs you each are familiar and what you like to do on computers.

你和你的伙伴在MyChina Village的图书馆。 你们看到桌上的笔记本电脑,之后你的伙伴便开始谈论起了电脑。 和你的伙伴交流并交换关于电脑软件方面的知识,并说出各自喜欢使用的电脑软件。 MyChina Village图书馆

4Ask and answer questions on familiar topics to keep a conversation going
Favorite Foods[learner | partner]
Quest 110

Teleport with your partner to Tazzy's Tasty's and Gifts. Check out the food on the back wall. Ask your partner which of these foods he/she likes. Discuss what your favorite foods are. Ask your partner what his/her favorites are. Try to keep the conversation going by asking questions and giving your own opinions.

与你的伙伴一起传送到 Tazzy's Tasty's and Gifts ,并一起讨论那里的食物。 你的伙伴的工作是与你讨论他最喜爱的食物,并通过问问题的方式来引导对话。

Games[learner | partner]
Quest 127

You are in Monash University when you find a fountain. Walk out to the middle of the fountain. Ask your partner if they enjoy chess. Continue a conversation about different kinds of games and pass times that you enjoy and find out about which games your partner enjoys and why.

你在莫纳士大学找到一个喷泉。走到喷泉中央。 你的伙伴开始了关于一个很流行的游戏的谈话。 你的伙伴的任务是维持这段对话,让他来主导对话。 莫纳士大学喷泉

5Deal with simple situations
Ask For a Friend's Help[learner | partner]
Quest 09

Start Here. Go anywhere besides the school in MyChina Village. You realize that you left your cell phone (choose ONE from the picture below) in the school in MyChina Village. Send a text message to the friend who is at the school now and ask him/her to look for your cell phone. You think you left your cell phone either in the library, bathroom, or one of meeting rooms on the first floor. Describe your cell phone. Three cellphones

Start Here. 傳送到MyChina村的學校 當你在MyChina村的學校時,你收到一個來自朋友的短訊。 他請你幫忙。 仔細聽他說話並且努力幫助他/她。

Exploring ChaGuan[learner | partner]
Quest 130

From outside the main building in Monash University, teleport to ChaGuan by using the transporter on the the right-hand side of the doorway. Once you are there, be a tour guide for your parnter. Explore the tea room and the upstairs while talking to your partner about what you are seeing.

从莫纳士大学教学楼外的传送点(在门的右侧的墙上)与你的伙伴一起传送到茶馆。 让你的伙伴带你参观这个茶馆。 莫纳士大学茶馆

6Use a series of sentences to describe people, things, and events
Take Care of Yourself[learner | partner]
Quest 02

You have felt sick since yesterday, so you made an appointment to see a doctor at the hospital.
1. Teleport to the hospital.
2. Go into the hospital and fill out a form at the counter on your right.
3. There is a floor plan of the building. Find which floor has doctors' offices and go to that floor.
4. Find your doctor in one of the offices, go in, and describe your symptoms.
5. After seeing the doctor, go to the pharmacy (find it with the floor plan), and get the medication the doctor prescribed. Make sure you understand how to take the medication.
(Your partner will play the role of the doctor and the pharmacist.)

????????? 你的伙伴生病了,他约了医生(由你来扮演)。
1:传送到医院,前往二楼的医生办公室。 坐在办公椅上等待你的病人(你的伙伴需要先填好一份表格,所以请耐心等待)。 当你的病人进来时,请认真听他讲述他的症状,并针对病情作出诊断,开出药方。

Lost and Found[learner | partner]
Quest 03

Start Here. After spending a whole day in MyChina Village, you realize you left your umbrella somewhere. Because you have stomachache, you ask your friend to help you look for it.
1. Choose one umbrella from the pictures below and describe it to your friend.
2. Your umbrella should be at one of the places you visited today. Describe to your friend what you did based on the following information. In the morning you performed tai chi in front of the school and ate lunch at the Chinese food restaurant near the open stage. In the afternoon you wandered around the open market and then spent some time in the children's park.
3. Once your friend finds it, s/he will send a text message to you. Make sure he/she got your umbrella by asking him/her questions (e.g., color of the umbrella, patterns). Three umbrellas

Start Here. 你的朋友弄丟了她的雨傘。 因為她肚子痛,所以你幫她找雨傘 。 她會描述雨傘的外表並且告訴你弄丟雨傘的可能位置。 到這些地方去找雨傘。 找到雨傘後,傳短訊給你的朋友。 你的朋友會問你一些問題來確認你找到得是否是她的傘。

Last Vacation[learner | partner]
Quest 106

Go with your partner to the dock. While you are on the dock, you recall a memory of the last vacation you went on. Tell your partner the story of your last vacation: where you went, what you did, whether you liked it. Use details and examples.

和你的伙伴前往 MyChina Village 的码头

7Use a series of sentences to express my needs, wants, and plans
Decorating Your Dorm Room[learner | partner]
Quest 01

You have just been assigned to a dorm room in MyChina Village. The room has the bare minimum, so you want to get more things and decorate the room. You asked your friend to come along for furniture shopping. Tell your friend what you want to add, styles you like, and how to decorate the room. Go to a furniture store together and decide on which items to buy.
Furniture Store Sample: Del Sol Furniture

你的朋友刚搬进MyChina Village的宿舍。房间里只有基本的用具。 所以他想要更多东西来装饰房间。 他会告诉你他想要什么样的东西,喜欢什么样的风格,以及要怎么布置房间。 和你的伙伴一起去家具店,并帮助他决定应该购买那些物品。
Furniture Store Sample: Del Sol Furniture

Matchmaking[learner | partner]
Quest 11

Start Here. You are attractive, but a bit shy. You have been unable to find a girl/boyfriend. Ask your friend to be a matchmaker for you. Tell your friend about yourself (e.g., your interests, hobby, personality) and what types of people you like.

Start Here. 你的伙伴很有魅力,但有点害羞。他/她找不到女/男朋友。 他会要求你当他的媒人。 (让他开始对话)接受他的提议。 他会描述他自己和他希望跟什么样的人约会。

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