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Find a partner and practice Chinese with language tasks. Each task guides you to go to a specific location at MyChina Village or other Second Life place. Enjoy!

1Engage comfortably in extended conversations and discussions on a wide variety of topics related to work, daily life, and academics
Ideal Place to Live and Work[learner | partner]
Quest 89

Teleport to Monash University. While you are wandering around Monash University, you find a tree house. Explore the tree house with your partner. Discuss your ideal place to live and work. Ask your partner what is most important for his/her life.

当你在莫纳士大学闲逛的时候发现了一个树屋。 与你的伙伴一起探索这个树屋。 并讨论一个你理想中的生活与工作的地方。 并询问你的伙伴在他生命中最重要的是什么。

Viewing Paintings[learner | partner]
Quest 139

Teleport to the Monash University art gallery. You will see many paintings on the walls. Walk around the gallery with your partner and engage in a conversation about the paintings. Which ones do you like? Why? Which ones do you dislike? Why? What do the paintings make you think of?

传送到莫纳士大学的画廊。 你会在墙上看到很多绘画。 与你的伙伴四处走走并展开一段关于绘画的对话。 讨论你更喜欢哪一幅画,为什么,他给你什么感觉,让你想起什么?
莫纳士大学画廊 .

2Use the language fluently, accurately, and effectively on a wide variety of familiar topics that occur in the present, past or future
Chinese History[learner | partner]
Quest 88

Teleport to Monash University. Go into the academy in front of you and wander around with your partner. While looking at displays in the buildings at the academy, you start to talk about the history of China. Talk with your partner about which era in Chinese history you are most interested in and why.

前往正前方的学院并与你的同伴一起参观整个建筑。 当你们在参观的时候,你开始谈论起中国的历史。与你的同伴讨论在中国历史中哪个年代你最感兴趣,为什么?

Organic Food[learner | partner]
Quest 140

Start Here. The MyChina "Green" Committee is discussing adding more organic foods to the MyChina Grocery Store. Discuss with your partner anything you may already know about organic food. Then, discuss what you think about the idea of increasing the amount of organic food in MyChina Village. What would be the benefits? Are there any negative aspects? Would it be hard to do?

Start Here.
MyChina Village绿色委员会商讨并添加了有机食物在杂货店出售。 你的伙伴会跟你分享他了解的关于有机食物的知识。 之后跟他讲述你对这项决定的看法。 有什么益处,有什么不好的地方。 会不会很难实行。

3Get my point across in unfamiliar situations by paraphrasing or describing what I mean
Personal Space[learner | partner]
Quest 136

You are standing in line at the take-out restaurant in MyChina village. All of a sudden a Chinese person comes up and gets in line in front of you, standing very close to you. You realize that maybe this Chinese person has a different sense of personal space than you do, and therefore didn't realize you were in line because you were standing far away from the counter. You try to tell the person that you were in line but that in your country it is polite to give people more personal space than in China. They do not understand. Try to describe what you mean.

你前往MyChina Village餐厅买外卖。 到那里之后你看到在你的前面那里已经有人,但是他离柜台站得很远,你猜他可能还在考虑应该吃什么,于是你超过他并走到柜台前。 那个先到的人想要试着告诉你应该排队,但你告诉他他站得太远所以没有队可排。
MyChina Village餐厅

Lost in a New Land[learner | partner]
Quest 142

You find yourself in a new land you haven't explored before. While you are looking around a bit, a person approaches you to tell you that they are lost, and they need help. They are supposed to meet their parents at the Shoe Tree store, but they cannot find it. He/she thinks that you are a native of the land, and so they ask you to help them find their destination.

你在一个陌生的小岛上迷失了方向。 你本来和你的伙伴约在一家名叫Shoe Tree 的商店见面,但你一直没法找到。 很幸运的你找到一个过路人。 你很开心不再是一个人。 你也很确定他是本地人或许可以帮你找到Shoe Tree。

4Communicate even when unpredictable situations arise in a familiar context
Building Misunderstanding[learner | partner]
Quest 137

Start Here. You and a friend are walking through MyChina Village having a very nice day getting to know each other. You mention to your friend that buildings in this village are very different from the building in your home town. He/she misinterprets you and thinks that you are implying that the kinds of buildings in your home town are better than the buildings here. Unexpectedly, he/she gets angry and defensive. Try to figure out what to do and how to explain yourself to calm down your friend.

Start Here.
你和你的伙伴走在MyChina Village,边参观这个小岛边对对方作进一步认识。 你的伙伴告诉你这边的建筑和他国家的比起来大大的不同。 你以为他是想告诉你他国家的建筑比中国的好,所以很生气。 向他宣泄你的感受。

Sitting By Pool[learner | partner]
Quest 143

You are sitting by the pool enjoying the sunshine. Suddenly, someone approaches you to tell you that this pool is for members only. Explain yourself, and figure out what to do.

你在Lower Wythburn拥有一个游泳池。 它是会员制的,但很多人会偷偷溜进来游泳。 今天恰巧被你碰到一个,走上去告诉那个人,并叫他马上离开。

5Narrate and describe in present, past, and future in a logical order at some length
School Experiences[learner | partner]
Quest 135

You are at a turning point in your life. You are about to start school at a university. This moment makes you think seriously about your experiences in school. Discuss with your partner about your past, present, and future school experiences. Start with grade school. Tell your partner what you liked and disliked about grade school. Mention any significant memories. Then move on to middle school and high school. Tell what school is like for you now. Finally, describe what you think school at a university will be like, or what you hope it will be like.

Start Here.
你的伙伴经历了人生的转折点。 他在沉思过去,现在以及将来在学校的种种经历。 听他讲述他在学校过去的经历和对将来的展望。

Cell Phones[learner | partner]
Quest 141

A friend in your dorm just got a new cell phone and came to show you. You are astonished at all of the things you can do with this new phone. You can take pictures, check your email, search the web, and use many other cool applications. You remember your first cell phone, and it didn't look anything like this phone. Discuss with your friend the progression of cell phones in your life time. Talk about phones you used to have, what they did, how they looked, and if they were portable. Then talk about where cell phones are now, what they can do, how they look, if they are more or less expensive. Finally, discuss what you think cell phones will be like in the future. What will they do? How will they look?

Start Here.
你对刚买回的手机很兴奋。 这是一款多功能手机:拍照,email,浏览网站和很多其他功能。 你展示给你宿舍的朋友看。 你的朋友告诉你他的第一款手机,然后你们展开了关于手机的发展的讨论:过去什么样,现在什么样,将来又会是什么样?

6Explain a viewpoint on an issue of interest, giving the advantages and disadvantages of various options
Media and News[learner | partner]
Quest 90

Teleport to Independent Media Center -- Beehive Islands. Select a screen and watch the news together with your partner. Discuss the issues being talked about in the news with your partner. If appropriate, discuss advantages and disadvantages of various opinions.

传送到Independent Media Center -- Beehive Islands

Busy or Free Time[learner | partner]
Quest 138

Start Here. Your friend is very busy all of the time. He/she plays sports, goes to school and has a job. He/she tells you that it is better to be busy than to be bored. What do you think: Is it better to be busy all of the time or to have free time? What are the advantages and disadvantages of being busy? Discuss with your friend what you think. Give examples for both sides.

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