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Find a partner and practice Chinese with language tasks. Each task guides you to go to a specific location at MyChina Village or other Second Life place. Enjoy!

1Ask and answer questions with some detail about routine personal information
Job Interview At A Restaurant[learner | partner]
Quest 98

You saw a flier for a part-time job posted on the wall of Man Zhen Lou restaurant in MyChina Village. You made an appointment for the job interview with the owner of the restaurant (partner). Go there and have the interview. Ask questions so you will fully understand what the job entails.

你是MyChina Village满珍楼 (餐厅)的主人。 你已经约好了一名大学生来面试你的餐厅的兼职工作。 进行面试。

Meeting a Student from Monash[learner | partner]
Quest 131

While in the courtyard at Monash University you run into someone who is a student at Monash. You are curious about the life of a college student, so you begin a conversation with them to get some basic information. Figure out what the life of a student is like and compare that to your life by asking and answering questions about routine information, such as typical daily activities, likes and dislikes, etc.

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2Discuss and solve problems in uncomplicated situations
Problem Solving[learner | partner]
Quest 111

Teleport to your dorm room.
Your next door neighbor has a problem. S/he comes to your room to describe the problem. Think up possible solutions for this problem and tell them to your neighbor. If you need to, ask further questions about the situation to come up with the best solution.

传送到你的伙伴在宿舍的房间 你遇到一个问题:你在网上订购的一台笔记本电脑的送货时间和你别的事情发生了冲突。 电脑的送货时间是这周五的下午三点,但是那个时候你已经在别的城市探望你的叔叔。 你没有办法为你订购的货物签收,也不希望把这么贵重的电脑置放在宿舍的走廊上。 于是你走去了你的伙伴的房间,看看他能为你提出什么好的建议。

A Telephone in the Library[learner | partner]
Quest 118

Teleport to the MyChina Village Library and sit down at the table. You are trying to study for a final you have coming up. There is one other person studying in the library with you. While you are studying, the other person receives a phone call. Rather than taking the call outside, the person answers the phone and begins speaking loudy. You can no longer concentrate because of the noise. Figure out how to solve this situation.

传送到MyChina Village图书馆
你在为了你的期末考试而努力学习,同时还有另外一名学生在你旁边学习。 这时,你的手机响了,接了电话后你发现打给你的是你的一个远房亲戚从外国打来的。 你很开心和兴奋因为你们已经很久没有通过话了而且因为是长途电话你又不好意思叫他迟些再打给你。 假装你在图书馆边打电话边学习。

3Give and seek personal views and opinions in an informal discussion
Recycling Law[learner | partner]
Quest 109

Start Here.
In an attempt to be more "green," MyChina Village is thinking about imposing a recycling law. This law states that people who throw away materials that are recyclable will be fined $27,000. Tell your partner if you think this is a good law or not. Be sure to give specific reasons why or why not you think this is a good law.

Start Here.
为了让MyChina Village变得更加绿色,村子决定颁布关于回收和再利用的法律。 法律指明被发现乱丢可回收物品的村民会被罚L$27,000。 你的伙伴会告诉你他对这项法律的看法,并用具体原因和例子来支持他的观点。

Means of Transportation[learner | partner]
Quest 122

Teleport with your partner to Monash University 2. Wander around a little bit. You discover that this island has many means of transportation: boat, bus, airplane, bicycle, etc. Describe what kinds of transportation people use in your town. Ask your partner about their town. Discuss with your partner what you think is the most effective means of transportation. What are the advantages and disadvantages of certain kinds of transportation?

和你的好友一起传送到莫纳士大学2。 四处逛逛。你们会发现这个小岛的共公交通系统很发达:小船,公车,飞机,自行车等等。 你的伙伴会跟你讨论在他的家乡,最常用的公共交通工具是哪一种。也告诉你的伙伴在你的家乡是什么状况。 讨论在你看来最有效的交通工具是哪一种。

4Start, maintain, and end a conversation using a variety of strategies
Making Friends[learner | partner]
Quest 97

Teleport to Man Zhen Lou restaurant near the open stage in MyChina Village and sit on one of the chairs. While you are eating at the Man Zhen Lou restaurant in MyChina Village, a student you met in the orientation for college freshmen comes in and sits next to you. The student looks like a nice person, and you want to make friends with him/her. Talk with him/her and keep the conversation going. S/he may become your friend!

到MyChina Village的满珍樓的外面 。等你的伙伴坐上其中一个椅子。当你的伙伴就座之後,坐到他/她旁边的座位。 你是一個大学新鲜人。 你到MyChina Village的珍满楼去吃饭。 当你正在等待你点的菜的時候,一位看起來像是学生的人过来跟你说话。 他/她看起来很面熟,但你不记得他/她是谁。 你的伙伴的课题是要继续进行对话。让你的伙伴主导对话。

Stranger at a Bus Stop[learner | partner]
Quest 121

Teleport to Monash University bus stop. While you are sitting and waiting for the bus, a stranger comes and sits next to you. You are kind of bored waiting for the bus, so strike up a conversation with the stranger. Try to keep the conversation going. If the bus comes, get on the bus while continuing to talk.

传送到莫纳士大学公车站。 你坐在公车站上一位陌生人的身边。你的伙伴的工作是用尽方法是这段对话继续。 让你的伙伴来主导对话。

5Discuss topics from other disciplines (geography, history, music, art, science, math, literature)
Talk about Your Research[learner | partner]
Quest 05

Start Here Teleport to the library in the school in MyChina Village and sit at the table. You are working on a research assignment and your roommate’s older sibling comes to say hi. S/he is very curious about your research. (Think about a research project you have conducted for school before.) Explain the research to him/her and answer his/her questions.

Start Here.
传送到MyChina Village的图书馆。 你看到你弟弟的师友正在桌前读书。 你了解到他正在做一项研究,而且这项研究引起了你强烈的好奇心。 听他谈论他的研究并提问。

Similarities and Differences of Two Countries[learner | partner]
Quest 12

Start Here.
You and your friend are from different countries. From the list of topics below, find a topic both of you are interested in. Then compare both countries on the topic and discuss the similarities and differences. Write a summary on your personal wiki page.

Start Here.
你和你的伙伴是来自不同的国家。 容以下的清单中找到一个你们共同感兴趣的主题。 然后比较两个国家间关于这个主题的相似和不同之处。 你的伙伴会在他自己的Student Journal上写下对话的概要。

6Give supporting details about plans and actions
Recycling Committee Plans[learner | partner]
Quest 115

You have been appointed to the MyChina Village "Green" Committee. Your first assignment is to plan the village recycling program. For this program, you will need to plan how many recycling bins you will need for the village, where the most effective places to put them will be, and how you can motivate people to use them instead of the trash cans. Decide what kinds of actions the committee will need to take to get the recycling program started. Once you have decided on plans for the program, tell the committee leader your ideas.

Start Here.
你是MyChina Village绿色委员会的会长。 委员会中的一员被你指派去开始一项回收工程。 他向你报告计划中的细节以便开始计划。

A Coming Birthday Party[learner | partner]
Quest 116

Start Here.
One of the other students in your dormitory is having a birthday this weekend and you want to throw them a party. Describe to your partner all of the plans you intend to make for the party. Use details to describe what actions you will need to take before the party, what kinds of activities will be available, who you will invite, and anything else about the celebration.

Start Here.
住在你宿舍的一位同学的生日快到了,你的伙伴打算给他办一次生日派对。 他把这次派对的计划讲给你并想听取你的意见。 提出任何关于派对的意见。

7Tell or summarize a story
Tandem Bike Ride[learner | partner]
Quest 123

Teleport to the bottom of the Monash University Station. There you will find a tandem bike in the doorway. Get on the tandem bike with your partner and listen as it takes you on a tour of the island. Once you have finished the tour, tell your partner the story of the first time you rode a bike.

和你的伙伴一起传送到莫纳士火车站的下面。 在那里你会找到一辆观光用的二人自行车。和你的伙伴一起坐上自行车,并倾听关于这座岛的讲解。 观光结束后,你的伙伴会向你讲述他第一次骑自行车的故事。 莫纳士火车站.

Grade School Memory[learner | partner]
Quest 132

While sitting in the courtyard in MyChina Village, you see someone who looks like a teacher you used to have in grade school. S/he sit next to you. Tell him/her about the resemblance. Then continue to describe your most memorable event from grade school, perhaps it was being in a play, or a certain teacher, or a school carnival, anything.

你走在MyChina Village的庭院。然后坐在了一个陌生人的旁边,他告诉你你让他想起了他的小学老师。 之后他又继续讲述他在小学时发生的一件值得回忆的事情。
MyChina Village庭院.

8Describe, tell about, and explain with some detail things that I know about or have experienced and give my reactions to them
The Most Memorable Experience[learner | partner]
Quest 112

It's a Friday night. You and your friend have been chatting in the dorm lounge for a long time. Your partner just asked you what your most memorable experience is. Tell a story in detail, including your reaction to the experience.

Start Here.
星期五的晚上,你和你的伙伴在宿舍的休息室聊了很长的一段时间。 你问到他最珍贵的体验是什么。 你的伙伴会把给他最珍贵体验的故事很详细地告诉你。

Concert[learner | partner]
Quest 120

While wandering around Monash University, you find an amphitheatre. This theatre reminds you of a concert that you've been to. Tell your partner about the concert. If you have never been to a concert, tell about a concert you wish you could see. Describe what it was like, what you did, and how you felt.

莫纳士当你和你的伙伴在莫纳士大学闲逛的时候,你找到了一个小广场。 这让你的伙伴想起了他曾经去过的一场演唱会。如果他没去过演唱会的话,他会告诉你他最想去的演唱会。

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