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Find a partner and practice Chinese with language tasks. Each task guides you to go to a specific location at MyChina Village or other Second Life place. Enjoy!

1Ask for, follow, and give directions
Understanding a Recipe[learner | partner]
Quest 92

Go to the !FOOD AT-CAS
Walk around this SIM with your friend. S/he will ask you what dish you can cook the best and how to cook it. Give complete instructions on how to prepare the dish. After the task is complete, your partner will write the recipe on your wiki page. Check to see if the information is accurate.

FOOD AT-CAS 去 跟你的朋友一起到这个SIM去走走。 问他会不会煮饭以及他拿手的料理。 问他要怎么做这个料理。课题结束后,把食谱写在你朋友的Student Journal上。 检查一下资料是否正确。

Popular fashion[learner | partner]
Quest 105

Think about what fashion styles are popular in your community. Instruct your partner to dress in a way that is fashionable in your country. Tell him/her what styles and colors to wear. Be specific. Give your partner time to change his/her appearance. After s/he is finished, give feedback about how closely s/he replicated what you had in mind.

Start Here 你的伙伴会给你一些在他的国家时尚穿着的信息。 根据信息来寻找时尚的服装并改变你的穿着来迎合你的伙伴给你的形容。 变装之后,你的伙伴会根据他的穿着品味对你的穿着作出评价。

2Formulate questions and obtain information on a variety of topics
Shopping Mall[learner | partner]
Quest 113

Teleport to Fashion Square Shopping Mall. Walk around and look into different shops. Ask your partner about shopping centers in his/her country. Find out what the shopping centers look like and what kinds of shops are most popular. Also, discuss the differences and similarities between malls in your country and malls in your partner’s country.

传送到时尚广场购物中心 去每家店铺逛逛。你的伙伴会通过提问来了解在你国家的购物中心是什么样子的。 购物中心 Piccadilly Circus

Green Committee Interview[learner | partner]
Quest 93

You are a member of the MyChina "Green" Committee. The committee is working on a project to set up a recycling program, but you are going to need more help. Today you are running interviews in the conference room. A candidate comes in for an interview. Ask this person questions to find out if he/she would be a good candidate to be on the "Green" Committee. Ask the candidate about previous jobs, interests and activities, why he/she wants to be on the committee, and any other information you think is necessary to decide if he/she would be a good addition to the team.

你看到绿色委员会征人的通告,上面说委员会需要一名学生帮忙计划一项名为回收再利用的工程。你觉得自己很适合这个职位。前往开会室开始你的面试。 开会室

3Discuss information and opinions on social, professional, or academic topics
Opinion About a Social Issue[learner | partner]
Quest 113

Identify a social issue in China that interests you. You are interested in your friend’s perspective on the issue. Discuss the issue with your friend.

Start Here. 你来自不同国家的朋友想和你说说有关中国的社会问题。 他会问你关于这项它有兴趣的社会问题的意见。和他讨论这项社会问题。

Current Social Issues in My Country[learner | partner]
Quest 99

You are given an assignment to select a current social issue in your country and interview a foreigner to ask his or her opinion about it. Prepare your questions. At the interview, describe the issue and ask the questions. Take notes on your source’s answers. After the interview, write a summary of the interview on your wiki page.

Start Here.
你的朋友被交代一项作业,要他放问一位外国人并询问一项有关他国家的社会问题。 给他时间来准备问题。然后再访问的时候,听他描述这项社会问题并且回答问题来表达你的意见。

4Receive and communicate detailed factual information related to areas of mutual interest
Finding Mutual Interests[learner | partner]
Quest 10

Teleport to the lounge at the dormitory in MyChina Village. It’s Sunday morning. You feel like exploring another SIM in Second Life. You go to your dorm’s lounge to look for a friend who might want to hang out with you. Talk to a friend there and ask if he/she would be interested in exploring another SIM with you. First, ask many questions to find mutual interests. Once you two find some mutual interest, get detailed information. Then talk about what kind of SIM both you and your friend want to visit today.

Start Here.
传送到MyChina Village的宿舍休息室
现在是星期天的早晨,你没有任何计划,所以你呆在宿舍休息室。 你的伙伴会进来跟你说话。 (他的课题是要请你跟他一起去探索一个SIM。 他会询问很多问题来找到你和他之间共同的兴趣,然后讨论你和他今天想要去什么样的SIM。)

Current Social Issues in My Country[learner | partner]
Quest 124

Teleport to the Courtyard at Monash University. You will notice that there are informational notes posted beside the doors (black boxes surrounded by gray). Walk around the courtyard with your partner and click on these notes to read or listen to them. Look inside of the buildings, as well. Discuss with your partner about the information you are receiving. Ask questions about things you may not understand. Give your opinions about the information.

传送到莫纳士大学的庭院。你会发现每扇门边都有咨询牌。 和你的伙伴一起边逛庭院,边察看咨询牌提供的内容。 和你的伙伴谈论你听到的知识,并给出你的看法。

5Convey degrees of emotion and react appropriately to the emotions of others
Sympathetic Ears Listening to a Friend[learner | partner]
Quest 94

Your Chinese friend comes to talk with you. S/he looks very angry. Listen to your friend and offer him/her your sympathy.

Start Here.
你和你的朋友大吵了一架。 你朋友对你做的事是绝对不会原谅的。 跟你的另一位朋友(你的伙伴)倾诉來让自己心情好一点。

Heartbroken[learner | partner]
Quest 95

You are heartbroken. While you are studying abroad in China, you received an e-mail from your boy/girlfriend back home saying he/she wants to break up. Go talk with your friend and tell him/her how you feel.

Start Here.
你的一位朋友在你们的大学里是一个交换学生,今天他来找你谈话。他看起來非常伤心。 听他说话并且努力为他打气。 如果你认为能让他高兴,你可以请他喝杯饮料或带他去哪儿走走。

6Express and support my opinions and make recommendations on a variety of topics in culturally appropriate ways
Last-minute invitation[learner | partner]
Quest 96

You belong to the martial arts club at the college. It’s around 3 p.m. on Friday, and you have a date tonight. Another club member calls to tell you there is a party tonight. You don't want to go because parties usually involve a lot of alcohol and you don't drink. Respond to the invitation in culturally appropriate ways. After the task is complete, ask your partner how he/she would respond.


Extra-curricular Activities: Good or Bad?[learner | partner]
Quest 126

Your friend approaches you because he/she is confused. He/she is a very good soccer player and has a scholarship to the university to play soccer. Unfortunately he/she thinks that he/she is spending too much time playing soccer and it may be affecting his/her grades. He/she asks for your opinion. Do you think that extracurricular activities, such as sports, are good for students? Express your opinions and make recommendations to your friend on what he/she should do.

Start Here.
你很迷惑,所以你找到了你的伙伴。 你是一个踢足球很好的学生,并且大学提供奖学金让你在学校踢球。 但你很担心踢球会影响到你的学业。 你怕过渡的参与课外活动是错误的。 询问你的伙伴的看法与见解。

7Describe and narrate my personal experiences, everyday events, and present topics of general interest
Pet shop[learner | partner]
Quest 103

Transport with your partner to Zooby's Pet Shop. Once you are there, walk around with your partner and look at the different kinds of pets that are available. As you walk, describe pets that you have had in the past or pets that you have currently. Describe what the pet looked like, how it acted, and any specific memories you have of your pet. If you have never had a pet, describe what you think the ideal pet would be like: what it would look like, what it would do, and why you would like that pet.

和你的伙伴一起传送到Zooby's Pet Shop
到了之后和你的伙伴一起逛逛并看看不同的宠物。 逛的时候你的伙伴会描述他曾经养过的宠物,现在养的宠物或想要养的宠物。

Race Track[learner | partner]
Quest 125

You and your friend have nothing to do today and are a bit bored. You heard about a car racing SIM and decided to check it out. Go to a race track. Test drive a car. Get into a car with your partner and drive around the track for a bit. Once you have driven around, tell your partner about your first experience driving. How old were you? Were you scared? Excited? Is it different now?

今天你和你的伙伴没有安排,所以有点无聊。 你听说过一个关于赛车的模拟并决定和你的伙伴一起去看看。 前往赛车跑道。 试着驾驶一辆赛车。 和你的伙伴一起上车并在跑道上试开一下。 你的伙伴会告诉你他的第一次开车的经验。

8Describe my dreams, hopes, and ambitions
Plans After Graduation[learner | partner]
Quest 108

You are meeting with your teacher to discuss your plans for after graduation. Meet your teacher at the school in MyChina Village. Tell your teacher what you would like to do after graduation. Where do you hope to live? What is your dream job? Include anything else that you hope for after graduation.

你是一名MyChina Village的老师,正在和你的学生开会。 你的学生想要讨论毕业后的计划。 询问你的学生的梦想和毕业后想要实现的目标。 让他形容他梦想中的工作,住处和生活。

Dream House[learner | partner]
Quest 129

You are taking a tour of Monash University with a tour guide. You arrive at the entrance to the main university building. Go inside with your tour guide. Once you are inside, your guide mentions that he/she would love to live in a building like this one. That gets you thinking about what your dream house would look like. Describe to your guide what your dream house would be. Where would it be located? What would it look like? Describe anything else you hope to have in your dream house.

你使莫纳士大学的一名导游。 你正在为一名将要入学的学生参观校园。 你们两个一起传送到教学大楼的入口。 进去后告诉那名学生你很喜爱这栋建筑并梦想要在这样的建筑里生活。 然后那名学生会告诉你他梦想中的房子是什么样的。

9Present my viewpoint on an issue and support my opinion
Current Social Issues in China[learner | partner]
Quest 04

Your Chinese friend is given an assignment to interview a foreigner to ask his/her opinion about a current social issue in China. Give him/her time to prepare questions. At the interview, listen to his/her questions and share your opinions. Ask any follow-up questions. After the interview, your friend will write a summary on your wiki page.

Start Here.
你被赋予了一项任务去选择一个当前中国社会的问题并询问一位外国人的相国意见。 准备一些问题(你的伙伴已被告知要给你准备问题的时间)进行访问。 你必须记录访问内容。 访问结束后,在学习者的Student Jounal上写下访问的概要。

Money From a Will[learner | partner]
Quest 101

One of the richest men in MyChina Village recently died and left L$135,000,000 ($500,000) to the village. In his will he wrote that he wants the money to be spent "for the betterment of all of the citizens." The mayor of the town is taking suggestions for what to do with the money. Transport to Monash University city hall and tell the mayor your idea for how to spend the money. Try to persuade the mayor that your idea is the best idea for how to spend the money. Give specific reasons why your idea is the best.

傳送到 莫纳士大学市政厅。
你是MyChina Village的市長。 村中最有前的一個人最近去世了,他留下了 L$135,000,000 ($500,000) 給這座城市。 在他的遺囑在他的中,他寫到希望這筆錢能被花在"改善全體市民上"。 你不確定該如何適用這筆錢,所以再尋求意見。 一位市民在市政廳裡找上你並且努力的說服你他有使用這筆錢最好的主意。

10Narrate and describe past, present, and future events
Story From The Past[learner | partner]
Quest 91

While playing in a children's park with your friend, you became nostalgic about your elementary school days. Choose one story from elementary school and tell the story to your friend.

到MyChina Villlage的颐和园公园
你正在一个儿童公园里和朋友一起玩。 你的朋友变的很怀念他的小学生活并且告诉你一个他那时值得纪念的回憶。

Vacations Past and Future[learner | partner]
Quest 128

Teleport to the airport. Walk through the airport and get on a plane with your partner. While you are sitting on the plane, tell your partner about a vacation you went on in the past. Then tell them about a vacation you are planning on taking, or hope to take, in the future.

传送到莫纳士大学的飞机场。 与你的伙伴穿过机场并登上一架飞机(如没有飞机,等下一班飞机着陆后登机),入座后听你的伙伴讲述他过去的一次旅行与他将要前往的下一次旅行。

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